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Our release liner are as

diverse as your applications

Customise your release liner

You can customise your release liner solution by taking advantage of our toolbox approach. We make full use of our integrated production and extensive experience to flexibly combine wellestablished liner components. This way, we are able to create our products that precisely match the requirements of the respective final application.

Whether you need a dimensionally stable base paper, a high-performance poly-extrusion substrate or a ready-made silicone-coated release liner, Felix Schoeller is your contact for every step along the value added chain.

Product customising

Our comprehensive toolbox approach  


You can choose from a range of base materials. Our paper portfolio covers numerous base weights that feature different product properties such as smoothness, stiffness, layflat, tear resistance or improved dimensional stability. PET films results in extremely good layflat properties and aluminium foil ensure improved barrier properties.


When choosing a chill roll design, we can modify the release liner’s smoothness and surface structure to suit your needs, whether gloss, matt, semi matt or rough matt. We can also customise product properties like roughness and low friction, easy sheet feeding and controlled release values. 



For silicone coating we use a solvent-free platinum system to provide a full range of release values from easy to tight release. Differential release for both front and back sides is also available. 



  • Logo printing on back
  • Functional coatings such as an ink-receiving layer for printability
  • Back-coat friction control
  • Perforated back to avoid blistering in subsequent processing steps
  • Sealed edges to prevent moisture absorption and wavy edges



Choose from a variety of different coating polymers. The polymer choice is important to liner properties like temperature resistance, release force or hot-seal- and die-cuttability.



When it comes to colour paper production, we offer a number of options. For your project we can also use either an extrusion polymer containing colour pigments or solid-colour printing. 

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