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Key applications: 

  • Sterile wound care dressings
  • Medical foams

We are dedicated to the Release segment of developing and supplying siliconized, polycoated release liners and process liners for applications including those in the healthcare industry.

Utilizing our broad range of technical capabilities, we have developed safe, smart and reliable liners for the industry. In all our product solutions, our main focus is always on quality. We have extensive know-how with many years of experience. All products can be customized using our toolbox approach, with the desired design tailored precisely to your requirements.

When you work with Felix Schoeller, we promise you high-quality liners. True to our vision PAPER MADE FOR LIFE, we want to harness the power of paper and work with you to create solutions that make life better for people.

Customisation of your Release Liners


In-house production of base paper  

Based on many years of experience, Felix Schoeller develops the base paper itself. This is the main driver of the quality of a release liner. In this way, customer requirements can be taken into account in the manufacturing process.

Exceptional surface smoothness

The smoothness of our surfaces is outstanding. All liners from us are designed to optimally support the smoothness and gloss of the final product


Best Layflat Performance and Dimensional Stability

Our products have a high level of curl resistance while processing. This is due to the dimensional stability each paper possesses, combined with our years of experience and the insights subsequently gained from developing photo papers.


We offer you

Polyethylen substrates, Silicone-coated Release Liners & Customisation

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